North Devon & North Cornwall

Short Mat Bowling Federation

North Devon and North Cornwall Short Mat Bowling Federation


1. Title

The title shall be The North Devon & North Cornwall Short Mat Bowling Federation.

2. Objectives

The objectives of the Federation shall be as follows:

2.1    To encourage, foster and promote the game of short mat bowls played under the     

   English Short Mat Bowling Association (ESMBA) laws and rules.

2.2   To provide opportunities to develop the game in the area and the means for members   

  to develop their skills.

2.3   To conduct and control Federation competitions and championships.

2.4   To act at all times in the best interest of the federation’s clubs and their members and

  to resolve where necessary any disputes arising within the federation and its  


3. Membership

Membership of the federation shall be open to all clubs within the North Devon & North Cornwall catchment area providing they are following the Federation’s objectives 2.1 and 2.2 above and are willing to assist these objectives.

3.1    Short Mat Bowling Clubs within the North Devon and North Cornwall area who are  

   registered with the ESMBA through their respective counties.

3.2    Short Mat Bowling sections which are part of a larger organisation e.g. an outdoor

   bowling club are also eligible providing they are registered with the ESMBA through

   their respective counties.

3.3    Clubs requesting membership shall apply in writing to the Hon. Secretary and shall be

   elected at the sole discretion of the Management Committee.

4. Fees

League and competition fees shall be agreed at the AGM.

5. Administration

5.1    The management of the league shall be entrusted to the management committee,  

hereafter referred to as the committee.

5.2   The committee shall comprise of five officers and a maximum of four committee


5.3   The officers of the committee shall be the chairman, vice-chairman, secretary,

treasurer and competition secretary.

5.4   At all meetings of the committee a quorum shall comprise of five members of which

at least two must be officers.

5.5   Each of the members present shall have one vote, when necessary the chairman

shall have the casting vote.

5.6   The committee shall have the power to fill any vacancy arising during the year and

the co-opted person shall have full voting rights.

5.7   The term of office of all the committee members shall run for one year after which

they may seek re-election.

5.8   Members may only hold one committee position at any time.

5.9   Nominations for the committee should be forwarded to the secretary in writing not

less than 14 days prior to the AGM.

5.10  If no nominations for a post has been received, nominations may be made from the


5.11 The committee shall meet as often as business of the Federation requires for the

purpose of furthering its objectives.

5.12 The committee may, at its discretion, set up a working party to consider a particular

issue which may also include members of affiliated clubs who are not committee members.

5.13 The committee shall decide on the makeup of leagues taking care to keep divisions

as equal as possible and taking regard of Appendix A in the rules Promotion and Relegation.

5.14 The members present at the AGM may also elect an honorary president who will

serve for two years. This is a non-executive post and would normally be conferred upon someone who has made an important contribution to short mat bowling in the area.

5.15 All committee members who are still in office at the time of the AGM shall also have

the right to cast a vote in addition to the two votes to which their club is entitled. No individual may cast more than one vote.

5.16 The committee shall also be the sole interpreters of the Federation’s constitution

and its decision on matters concerning it shall be final and binding.

6. Disputes and Disciplinary  Matters

6.1   To deal with matters of this sort there shall be two committees, the Disciplinary

Committee chaired by the Vice Chairman and the Appeals Committee chaired by the Chairman.  Decisions of the Appeals Committee are final and binding on all parties concerned.

6.2   Any Member Club of the Federation may be subject to suspension or other

disciplinary measures if by a decision of the management disciplinary committee such a course of action is in the best interest of the Federation.

6.3   On receipt in writing of any such decision the Member Club shall have the right of

appeal in writing within fourteen days and shall have the right to send two representatives to appear before the committee.

6.4   Member clubs may approach the Federation to arbitrate where specific club matters

require resolution and any decision shall be final.

6.5   Other disciplinary procedures shall be described in the Federation Rules.

7. Annual General Meeting (AGM)

7.1   The AGM shall be held in April or May

7.2   The following business shall be conducted:

7.2.1 Presentation of a report by the Chairman.

7.2.2 The presentation of the Financial report

7.2.3 Adoption of the Financial report

7.2.4 Determination of the fees and or subscriptions for the following year

7.2.5 Presentation of a report by the Competition Secretary

7.2.6 Any other business at the discretion of the Chairman

7.3   Not less than 28 days’ written notice of an AGM shall be given by the committee.

7.4   Motions affecting Federation policy, the Constitution or Administration must be

proposed by one Club and seconded by a second Club and forwarded to the Secretary in writing at least 21 days prior to the AGM.

7.5   An agenda shall be forwarded to all clubs not less than 14 days prior to the AGM

together with any motions proposed.

7.6   Member clubs shall be entitled to send two delegates to the AGM each being

eligible to cast one vote on any matters arising.

7.7   The Chairman shall have the casting vote when necessary.

7.8   A secret ballot may be called at the Chairman’s discretion

7.9   Trophies for League competitions will be presented at the conclusion of the AGM

8. Special General Meetings

8.1   Special General Meetings (SGMs) may be convened by the Federation Committee

or on receipt by the Secretary of a written request from not less than 25% of the Member Clubs of the Federation. At least 28 days written notice of such a meeting together with its objective shall be given.

8.2   A quorum of persons attending a SGM shall consist of 1/3 of full Member Clubs plus

the quorum of the Federation Committee as detailed in Clause 5.4.

8.3   Each Member Club of the Federation shall be entitled to send two members to an

SGM each   being eligible to cast a vote on any matters arising. Decisions will be taken based on a 2/3 majority vote.

8.4   SGMs are to be chaired by the Club’s Chairperson or, if unable to attend, by a

deputy appointed by the Member Clubs of the Federation attending the meeting.

9. Revising the Constitution

 9.1   Any revision(s) to the constitution may only be made after the proposed changes  have received due consideration by the Federation Member Clubs. Such  consideration may be at an AGM, at a Special General Meeting or by ‘virtual voting’  on the proposed revision(s). The proposed revision(s) will be presented to the  membership by the Federation’s Chairperson who will indicate the Federation  Committee’s position on the proposed revision(s)

 9.2  The revision(s) will be accepted if supported by a 2/3 majority of those full members  present at a meeting, assuming that a quorum has been achieved and the same  majority if virtual voting is carried out.

 10.  Dissolution of the Federation

 10.1   If, for whatever reason:

        a.   The Committee feels that the circumstances warrant dissolution of the      Federation or;

        b.  a resolution is passed at the AGM for dissolution of the Federation, or;

c. A written request is received from the Member Clubs, in accordance with Clause 8 above, to dissolve the Federation.

 Then a Special General Meeting is to be convened. The calling notice for such a  meeting is to take the form of a Resolution to dissolve the Federation. The  resolution is to set out in clear terms the circumstances leading to the proposal to  dissolve the Federation and the timeframe for putting in place the key actions  necessary to be implemented if the resolution is approved.

 10.2  If at the Special General Meeting a resolution to dissolve the Federation is carried  by at least 2/3 of the full membership present at the meeting, assuming that a  quorum has been achieved, then the Federation Committee shall, at a date  specified in the resolution, proceed to realise to the best advantage the material  assets detailed in ‘The Inventory’ and discharge the financial liabilities of the  Federation.

 10.3  In the event of a dissolution and on the satisfactory discharge of all obligations and  financial liabilities any remaining assets of the Federation shall be given or  transferred to another registered organisation, a registered charity or the sports  Governing body for use by them in a related community sport.

Duties of Officers and Committee Members

1. The Secretary’s duties shall include:

1.1  Conducting all correspondence of the Federation and shall have custody of all


1.2   Keeping full and correct minutes of all proceedings.

1.3   Maintaining liaison with County representatives.

1.4   Liaising with the Chairman in the day to day running of the Federation.

2. The Treasurer’s duties shall include:

2.1   Collect and bank all league and competition fees.

2.2   Pay all due accounts of the Federation.

2.3   Submit to the AGM a financial statement, as approved by the committee for the year ending 31st March.

2.4   Keep a bank account in the name of the Federation, which shall have three signatories any two of whom should sign all cheques.


3. The Competition Secretary’s duties shall include:

3.1   Carry out the necessary administration required to organise competitions on behalf of the Federation.

3.2   To record the results and organise the draw for the Tony Stephens and Alan Wright competitions.

3.3   To publish or distribute to clubs current league standings and knockout competition results on a regular basis together with other relevant news.

3.4   Maintain a record of all competitions run by the Federation except the Mary Kent  Memorial triples.

4 The Chairman’s duties shall include:

4.3   Chairing all general and committee meetings.

4.4   Preparing an agenda for all committee meetings.

4.5   Liaising with the secretary in the day to day running of the Federation.

4.6   Making a casting vote when necessary.

4.7   To ensure that the Federation is organised within the keeping of its constitution and rules.

4.8   Preparing provisional league groupings for consideration by the committee.

4.9   Chairing of the Appeals Committee when applicable.

5 The Vice Chairman’s duties shall include:

5.3   Deputise for the chairman in their absence

5.4   Purchase as appropriate and generally manage the Federation trophies and arrange for their presentation at the AGM.

5.5   Chairing of the Disciplinary Committee when Applicable

6 Committee members’ duties shall include:

6.3   Attend committee meetings.

6.4   Assist the Officers of the Federation in their duties as necessary.

Issue No and date Summary of changes


First Document    August 2006   

Issue 2               April 2014  

Issue 3               April 2017