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The North Devon and North Cornwall Short Mat Bowling Federation was established in 1987 to promote the game throughout the area.  Over the years it has grown to its present size of 38 Clubs and over 500 players.

The geographical spread is from Morwenstow in the West to Anstey in the East; and from Ilfracombe in the North to Halwill in the South.

Players are all registered with the national governing body, English Short Mat Bowling Association, through their respective County Associations, Devon County Short Mat Bowling Association and Cornwall County Short Mat Bowling Association

Competitive matches are played both in the main winter season and, to a lesser extent, during the summer months.

Please note and amend any local records

Christ Church have changed their name and have a new venue

Due to the unsuitability of the playing surface at their new venue, Barnstaple Saints home fixtures will now be played at Fremington for the rest of the Winter Season.  Some of the fixture dates have changed for their home matches and the Fixture List has been amended.  All Evening League Division 4 teams please check carefully to ensure you now have the correct agreed date for these fixtures.